Zadar is a three thousand years old city founded by old Liburnian tribe, urbanized by Romans and developed by Croatians, Venetians and Austrians. Zadar survived many wars and has very turbulent history and from this history full of glory and destruction in the same time it draws its unique blend of ancient and modern architecture, art and spirit.

Your tour begins in the Zadar city square, millennial gathering of the citizens of Zadar and continues by walking the main Roman decumanus called Kalelarga that takes you to the city's cathedral of St.Anastasia. The cathedral is a beautiful example of Tuscan Romanesque architecture.

Next to the cathedral you will see the Orthodox church of St. Elijah from XVI century, which proves centennial blending of cultures in the city of Zadar and proves its centuries-old urban tissue. From the Church of St. Elijah you will have a view on the Roman Forum, the center of life of the Roman colony Julia Iader. Sidewalk of Forum is an original, 2000 years old, and you will see many other monuments of Roman architecture. Also in the area of the former forum, in its very foundations is the Romanesque church of St. Donat, a unique example of early Romanesque architecture, round-shaped, on two floors and known for its acoustic, You will visit this symbol of the city and return to the Middle Ages in the unique experience of space and sound.

Your tour will continue by visiting the world's third collection of gold, silver and paintings of church art in the world in a female Benedictine monastery in the center of city. Works by world famous painters and master goldsmiths will shine in front of your eyes, from the crown of kings and queens, saints' relics to the paintings of Caravaggio and Paolo Veneziano.

From the medieval mystic you would walk by Zadar's waterfront to the wonders of modern architecture that Zadar successfully connects with his rich past. Alfred Hitchcock said that Zadar waterfront has the most beautiful sunset in the world, and on that very waterfront with a view over the islands of the Zadar archipelago you'll have a coffee and also try miraculous Zadar liqueur Maraschino, one of favorite Napoleon's drinks.

After short refreshment you'll go to the Sea Organ, the unique combination of human knowledge and power of nature. Organ pipes built in the waterfront produce sound powered by the strength of the waves, so that the sea itself plays and its magical sounds creates a setting for meditation and relaxation. A few meters next to the Sea Organ you will enter in glowing circle of The Greeting to the Sun, the monument dedicated to the sun, planets and the universe itself and its influence in life. Through this monument connected with the whole world and the universe in the millennial city of Zadar you'll finish this tour that will awaken a love of the past and hopes for an even better future.

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