Discover distant attractions, fall in love with 265+ islands archipelago

...ways to Sakarun lagoon (locals sometimes refer to it as Saharun beach), Island of Ist, Bozava, Silba, Olib, Molat. Very famous Long Island with pearls like Punta Bianca, Veli Rat lighthouse, The Great White Stone beach – Veli Zal, Brbiscica cove and Golubinka cave. Finally, National park Kornati and Nature Resort Telascica as a must-see spot for your program in destination Zadar.

Spend the day living the Mediterranean lifestyle: explore these islands, climb the viewpoints, meet the locals and get to know their stories, enjoy the local cuisine.

It would be best to board people in Zadar (we can organize transfer from hotel to Zadar) and return in Sukosan marina – approx. 15 min. south of Zadar (another transfer from marina back to hotel)

This way we can have a nice itinerary sailing from Zadar around Jidula island; and return towards marina Sutomiscica on Ugljan island for lunch.

After lunch we'll sail to Sukosan island (we can even make a stop for swimming/snorkeling) and our skippers will do the introduction to sailing and have guests involved as much as they wish.

A full day trip (10 – 17)
We will pick up the group at the hotel pier and bring the people back to hotel harbor or nearby Petrčane village harbour (walking distance) – depends on final size of the boat.
The program consists of sailing to Dugi Otok (Long Island) – a beautiful island in Zadar archipelago and enjoying the day and activities on Sakarun Beach - the most beautiful sandy beach in Croatia. This beach is placed among the top 25 beautiful beaches of the world.

Before we reach the beach, we will visit the remains of a sunken ship and the Veli Rat lighthouse, and then from Soline fishing village we‟ll travel by tourist train to sandy Sakarun Beach. It is protected as a significant natural area of the Croatian ecological network.

The other option would be to cruise by boat to Božava village, with lunch upon arrival in the restaurant of renovated hotel with the sea view terrace and from there proceed to Sakarun beach by small train.

This program starts with a welcome drink in the bunkers of Paklenica National Park in the morning hours and a short presentation of the place - cca 1 hour in total. A spectacular „underground city‟ inside Velebit mountain has just been opened for visitors.

The construction was started in 1950‟s, to become the best protected shelter for ex President Tito, in case of „nuclear war‟ (possible Stalin‟s attack that time) and was never finished till now.

Afterwards, we would take a walking/hiking tour along "Pjeskarica", pedestrian-educational renewed trail leading to "Večka kula" (old stone fortress) situated on the beach - cca 1 hour.

Optional activities depending on the number of participants include: horse riding, driving in a donkey carriage, archery, GPS orientation, geo-caching and other games.
Extra optional activities: bike rides along the beach, swimming. Traditional lunch on the beach included.

Duration of the excursion: approx. 8-9 hours
Group size: maximum: 180 persons
Departure: by boat close to the hotel
Activities: A splendid day on the sea, an unforgettable excursion! Kornati archipelago with its 150 uninhabited islands, islets and reefs is the most indented island group in the Mediterranean. Boat ride from one island to another all the way to a bay of extraordinary beauty. It is a paradise for those who know how to enjoy the pure form of fascinating crystal sea.
Equipment: sports shoes, shorts or a swimsuit, towel, sun cream
Meal: Lunch on the boat / Seafood specialties in a restaurant on the island (five courses menus)

EVENT YACHT NADA is a floating convention centre which has a multifunctional purpose, fully equipped with audio and video equipment for conferences and offering restaurants and bars which may serve up to 180 people and it is scheduled for: exclusive daytime and sunset / night time cruises, business meetings and events.

The Old Town Challenge is a real all-rounder, combining imaginative tasks that are fun and educational whilst taking place in the must-see areas of the Old Town of Zadar. The concept is simple - the group is split into small teams, with each one receiving an assignment list and a time limit. With each accomplished assignment, the teams collect points. The team with the most points wins!

No cheating though – a photo of each completed task is needed as proof, otherwise no points will be awarded. Some tasks are simply for fun, whereas others take the group into secret areas of the town, revealing more and more of Zadar's fascinating history as progress is made.

Over the recent years there has been a strong resurgence of wines being produced in the vineyards around Zadar. Today a small but growing group of vineyards are producing some excellent wines from grapes native in Zadar region. One of the best vineyards around Zadar are Škaulj‟s and Kraljevski vinogradi (Royal Vineyards) Punta Skala.

Join us for a wine tour through the vineyard with expert guidance and wine tasting in the cellar where you will get a lot of interesting information about the wine-making, about the wine specifics, the combination of wine and food etc. During the wine tour through the vineyard you will definitely enjoy a beautiful view of the city of Zadar and the islands or surroundings.

Pošip - excellent white wine / Crljenak and Plavac mali - red wine
Each wine tasting includes: Pag cheese, smoked Dalmatian ham, marinated anchovies and sardines, olives and olive oil, tuna pâté or other snacks.
Duration of the wine tour and tasting is up to 2 hours, but upon request may be extended.
According to your wishes we can organize special menus, as well as lunch or dinner.

Walking from Borik Resort or transfer by bus 30 min. per direction. A kayak tour is a unique experience that offers a perfect combination of nature and adventure. It is also a unique way to get to know the beauty of the Old Town of Zadar! Join the kayak tour in a sit-on-top kayak for 2 persons and use a double paddle along the coast of the city of Zadar. Starting from Puntamika, we paddle toward Old Town, passing along the modern tourist attractions, Sea Organ and the Greeting to the Sun, up to the fabulous Riva with a view over millennial Roman Forum, unique St. Donat's church to the Foša port, where in the 16th century people razed city walls and opened the gates.

Max: 40 persons

The only thing required is to gain balance! Great fun, astonishing experience for all! This sport involves a board, significantly wider and bigger than a surfboard, that you stand on and once you have gained balance, you take an oar and you row by standing straight. This new recreational sport is ideal for all ages and all sports and non-sports types. Trailhead is located in the center of Obrovac town, and completion of the mouth of the Zrmanja river canyon situated 12.5 kilometers from the start. Return by boat upstream to Obrovac.

Trip can include: transfer, guide, equipment for rowing, boat ride, stand-up paddling training for beginners.

You will quickly learn how to handle sit-on-top kayaks as you slowly enter the canyon. These kayaks for 2 persons are very stable and easy to maneuver, with an 25 liter waterproof container for safe storage of your camera and personal belongings. After first hour of paddling down easy rapids you will visit beautiful waterfalls. More waterfalls and rapids await you as you continue down the river Zrmanja. No previous canoeing experience is needed. If the water level is high enough, this trip can also be organized in rafting boats.

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