Recently I came across a research of the Motivational Power of Incentive Travel published by the Institute of Behavioural and Applied Management (2014). The “thing” with research is that the results always manage to surprise us. Even after years of working in a particular field. We may believe to have conscious rationalizations and awareness of bias traps and only pure objectiveness in our profession, but we can still inhabit ideas that need to be challenged and scientifically investigated, in detail.

The idea of motivational power of incentive travel is challenged more than once. It has critiques as it has supporters. As a strong supporter I have no doubts that well designed incentive travel programs drive desired behaviours and help improve business performance. But the devil is always in the details.

Here is a fair portion of details from this research that I want to share with you.

1. The sample description

“Of the participants, 83.3% were male, and 16.7% were female. This is a reasonable percentage of women in the survey based upon the type of employees who are generally offered travel as an incentive (Mukherjee, 2010).”

My, oh, my.

Just to complete the picture, “from which”: 68.7% were married; 61.9% had no children; 43.5% were sales and 63.4% were individual travelers.


2. What could make travel more motivating?

On the scale of No Motivating to Very Much More Motivating, here is what the responders find generally motivating:

“More choice of destination”

“More leisure/unscheduled time”


3. Earner attitudes towards company providing travel incentives

“Earning the travel award made me feel appreciated”


The main emotion recognized by 88% of respondents is appreciation. Following in descending order are belongingness, loyalty and trust.


4. Relative motivational power of other incentives

“I believe that paid vacation time would be a more effective motivational tool than travel.”

According to 41.4% of the respondents, paid vacation is better motivational substitute for incentive travel than merchandise or cash.


5. Overall motivation level

Just to give you peace of mind here is the overall result, since the results from above may appear out of the context.

Motivation Level Percent Responding
Not at all motivating 1.2%
Relatively not motivating 3.0%
A little motivating 17.4%
Motivating 46.0%
Extremely motivating 30.7%
No Opinion 1.7%

If you would like to investigate more details, you can find the full article following  this link. 

Maša Grgurić

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The benefits of transforming forward-thinking DMCs from service providers into creative partners

strategija DMC-a kao kreativnih partnera

For the past few decades destination management companies (DMCs) relied heavily on their role of being service providers. In other words, DMCs’ scenario included everything – from organizing transportation to providing complete destination services, depending on client’s wishes. DMC was usually seen as the middleman, a company which would fulfill client’s demands.

Today it is no longer enough. In order to evolve on the market, forward-thinking DMCs are changing their business strategy.

Besides excellent organizational skills, the company nowadays has to offer creative value. It has to offer an idea. A tailor-made idea to be precise.

This process of focusing on the client is called the client centric approach. The whole program is organized according to client’s needs, and the DMC takes over the role of a creative partner whose task is to develop a personalized and unique concept of experience.

The challenge lies in understanding destination’s capacities in a creative way in order to create a unique experience. Only DMCs consisting of multidisciplinary teams, along with forward thinking and creative and innovative ideas can deliver high-quality creative value.

These types of DMCs, which function not just as the middleman, but as creative partners, offer a high level of credibility.

By establishing a more personal connection with the client they can provide better solutions and ensure the needed ROI. DMCs based on such business vision are not looking for business opportunities. They are looking for challenges.

You cannot make someone to become creative. You can only inspire a person. Creativity cannot be learned from books nor is it a character feature. The approach used by creative partners has a significantly higher value for client since it gives an impact, unlike the role of a middleman, which requires entirely different challenges – organization, speed, agility, flexibility etc.

The goal of DMCs is not to exclude, but to combine these two together – creative leadership and operational excellence are the most important assets when it comes to modern business strategies in this field of business events.

And we are confident that this is the core of what we are – a boutique DMC and PCO with an innovative and client centric approach, ready for new challenges and incentive ideas.

With every project we discover new creative ways of developing destination capacities into advanced experiences, so feel free to join us in creating a unique creative partnership. Explore our webpage for more information or leave a comment below. We’ll be happy to hear from you.

Coral Group – The sunny side of business

folklor - vrijedan sastojak za poticanje poslovnih evenata u Hrvatskoj

As the managing director of Coral Group DMC/EMC, I am often invited to all kinds of destination events, site inspections, presentations or simply networking events. These business events take place in all main meeting, incentive travel and team building destinations of Croatia – cities like Zagreb, Dubrovnik, Split and Zadar, the whole Kvarner and Istria regions and the island of Hvar.

During one of those events held recently in Zagreb at the “Croatian House”, a renovated peasant house from the late 19th century, I was impressed by something so traditional and sometimes undeservedly ignored at business events – the folklore.

I was introduced to the ETNOsphere project, organized by colleagues who wanted to promote the folklore tradition of the inland Croatia, along with entertaining traditional live music and delicious homemade specialties.

These traditional motifs were blended perfectly into the whole story – live folklore performance, while listening to local songs and tasting “grandma’s cuisine”. The menu was inspired by traditional meals – štrukli (cheese-pie with fresh cheese and sour cream), smoked ham and cheese from Zagorje region, chicken and veal, potatoes, salads and finally the fruit-strudels. Food was followed by a glass of excellent Croatian continental wine – I had one (or two?) glasses of Sauvignon Blanc from the town of Daruvar and some Pinot Gris from Zagorje.

The venue “Croatian House” in the heart of Zagreb Down Town was the perfect setting for such an event and it is easily accessible for all our meeting, incentive travel or other business events guests coming to Zagreb. And the national folklore shows the characteristics of the host country, its people, rhythm, songs and dance in a special work of art and definitely makes your business event memorable and each participant motivated.

6 tehnika za uspješno planiranje poslovnih evenata

Key decision for every successful business event is to define its purpose. Why do companies want to organize a special business event? To reward their employees? Improve sales? Attract new people or improve relations with their retailers? Whichever the goal, there are specific ways to achieve it through incentive and team building programs.


Conventa Crossover konferencija

Being speaker and participant at the Conventa Crossover Conference in Ljubljana, Slovenia (August 29 – 30, 2016) was a great honour and pleasure.

Slovenia is such a nice country, but this meeting was so much more. The enthusiasm, professionalism and ultimate creativity of my colleagues I experienced during Conventa project were such an energy boost!

Industry experts and stakeholders from 12 European countries shared their latest insights and market trends in MICE and travel marketing.

Thanks to the opportunity to speak at such an important event I was able to share my experiences with event professionals. I particularly emphasized the importance of two way communication between public and private sector.

My presentation was a call for active dialogue between destination stakeholders. No matter if you are from private or public sector, you might find useful information in my presentation.

Conventa Crossover was definitely a new unconventional and inspiring conference format, highly recommended. I would dare to say – a necessity for this industry to move forward. Marketing is crucial and essential tool to approach new generation of industry buyers.

I’m excited about the new creative breakthrough and forthcoming megatrends. If you want to join the party, hop on.

Slaven Reljić, M.Sc.
Managing Director, CORAL group

Prašina, mulj i sol. Terenska vožnja do kraja

Another site inspection included an activity full of fun and adrenaline – buggy safari around Zadar region, which deserved to be placed at the very top of the motivational scale.

Although there are lots of sailing and yachting programs around Zadar, this buggy experience in the immediate vicinity of the town of Zadar was a great adventure. Full of adrenaline rush and panoramic views it is one of the most exciting programs in the region.

You’ll grab the wheels of 600ccm 4T single-cylinder buggies, which have more than enough power to overcome difficult terrain and obstacles along the way. It is a self driven guided tour. It becomes quite fast, but it is completely safe for all responsible drivers who just have to follow the safety and basic driving instructions. The route is mainly off-road and passes through numerous natural beauties and picturesque villages.

The basic tour lasts approx. 2,5 hours and offers a chance to experience off-road driving to the fullest: dust, mud (depending on weather conditions), water, forest and gravel…  During the program you’ll visit the attractive surroundings of Zadar and experience it in a unique way. “Hidden” places like forests near Kožino village, beautiful views over the Punta Skala vineyards (no stop for wine tasting this time, for obvious reasons!:), ex military base with the airport – yes, drive and a short break is made on the real runway, which you have probably never had a chance to do.

We continued along the beach of Zaton resort, coming to Nin – Sabunike region, from where you have spectacular views on the Velebit mountain (highest peak 1,757m), but also onto Nin – the oldest Croatian royal town and its famous “Queen’s beach” with the mud of Nin, known for its therapeutic effects.





The route passes near the beaches, through the fields to another natural phenomenon of Nin – the salt pan. The prosperity of this region was based on the production of salt in prehistoric and ancient times. This region still lives from this very precious gift of nature.  It is not surprising that Nin salt, with a high percentage of iodine, is among the best in Europe, and in the world. Indeed, this is not an ordinary sea salt – it is a gift of the local climate, an ideal blend of the Adriatic Sea and sun with the wind coming from the mountain of Velebit.

The increased concentration of natural iodine, due to the alga called petula, is added, so nature has created a salt which not only improves the taste of food, but is also extremely healthy. A special gift – a souvenir bag with the salt from Nin – can be a perfect pillow gift after buggy safari tour.

The buggy safari program can be tailor-made, organized also in the above mentioned Velebit mountain region, as well as on the beautiful islands of Ugljan and Pašman in Zadar archipelago (with a budget supplement, by all means).

Different “surprise break points” can be organized, such as a visit to a tavern, additional activities in the adrenaline park, longer stay in Buffalo Bill western city etc. Zadar as a business events destination has it all and much more to offer.


8 Megatrends and the Generation Y Requirements Which Every Meetings Industry Player Should Be Aware Of

Megatrendovi budućnosti u organizaciji poslovnih evenata

The term ‘megatrend’ was created by John Naisbitt, a U.S. trend researcher, who published a book with the same title in 1982. Thirty-two years later, the German Convention Bureau, their partners and the Institute for Futures Studies and Technology Assessment conducted a thorough study which showed some very precise trends regarding the meeting industry by 2030.

Every meeting professional should actually consider those trends very carefully, because the future is already here. Are you ready for it?

Here are the findings of the study – the top 8 megatrends along with some concrete solutions which CORAL group DMC is already implementing or developing with our destination partners in meetings & events industry in Croatia.

Megatrend nr. 1: Globalization and Internationalization

Expectations are high and events become more international, meaning that we have to create products and services suitable for participants from different cultures and religions. Food options (including halal, kosher, Indian etc.), necessary meeting breaks and locations for prayer or similar. This does not mean that we should change our identities, on the contrary, but those with strong intercultural skills and options will be more competitive.

We cooperate with hotels, restaurants and caterers in Zagreb, Zadar, Šibenik, Split, Dubrovnik, Istria, Kvarner, on the islands or in the inland of Croatia, who prepare and serve halal or kosher friendly meals or have the certificates of such standards in food preparation.

Megatrend nr. 2: “Peak Everything” – Shortage of Resources

Climate change, shortage of resources and stress from more directions affect many participants or speakers.  Hence, the destinations, organizers, venues and service providers who do really care about sustainable production, green meetings and events will be the wanted ones or at least more in trend.

CORAL group’s employees are all bicycle commuters. We avoid printing whenever possible and offer incentive or team programs like e-bike or segway tours, sea kayaking and others which are 100% eco friendly.

 Megatrend nr. 3: Urbanization – The City of the Future

In 2030 more than 60 % of the global population will be living in the cities. Hospitality, good organization, openness and tolerance, safety as well as a city’s appearance, cultural offers or special conditions of the surroundings will be decisive criteria for participants to come to your town/destination for an event.

No doubt, our agency team and all chosen suppliers are 100% hospitable, tolerant and creative in a way that we do not push the programs which might be profitable, but create additional rush and stress in town. We care about the local community as well as about the clients.

Megatrend nr. 4: Demographic Change, Feminization and Diversity

According to UN projections, the world’s population will be approx. 8.5 billion people by 2030. Further diversification is expected at meetings and events. Characteristics that are considered rather “feminine”, such as team spirit, social competence and multitasking skills are of high importance now. Women are highly educated, luckily equal to men in more and more countries, so do consider this trend within your own company and organization and when structuring an event. Demographic change also requires adaptations for people with disabilities or older people.

CORAL’s standards include equality of all human beings and great teamwork is present at every stage of work, in-house or with partners.  Participants with disabilities are assisted from the airport arrival to each stage of the conference or social program, as well as through creating special adaptable activities, if team building programs are included.

Megatrend nr. 5: Technology in Work and Life

Virtual events will not replace the “real ones”, but event technology, social media, real-time information and communication is a must. Classic event formats are changing, becoming out of date, so think about how to attract or engage the audience which often meets virtual reality, uses numerous interactive apps and expects much more technology than it used to be on the meetings not so long ago.

CORAL group proposes new formats, we want to ‘shake’ the clients and take them out of the box, when structuring an event. In terms of technology, all available solutions are on the table. At the end of the day, the final product itself depends enormously on the client’s budget.

Megatrend nr. 6: Sustainable Development

Only those destinations and service providers who work and live in a sustainable way, whatever it may be at your level, will be competitive and rewarded by the clients and event organizers. Sustainable event is the one designed, organized and implemented in a way that minimizes potential negative impacts and leaves a beneficiary legacy for the hosting community and everyone involved.  Every company and individual should follow this UN’s definition and recommendations.

Not only through the environmentally friendly projects, but also through engaging all new products and services created by the local community, CORAL contributes to sustainable development.

Megatrend nr. 7: Mobility of the Future

Buyers and participants consider destinations also according to their mobility options and costs. Different transportations solutions have to be created and offered. Bikes, e-bikes, segways, Uber, car sharing providers or similar might be a part of the solution in your destination. This new technology, like user-friendly applications showing best options, might also attract the participants.

After the ‘first shock’, when we realized that new generations of buyers and meeting participants sometimes organize themselves and do not use agency transfers, but Uber or similar service, we adapted to future trends that are already here – no fear if Uber, airb’n’b or any other new services take a piece of our ‘destination cake’ within a business event or a conference – we are aware that on the other hand such services make our destinations more competitive. They attract more business, from which we all may gain potential clients and profit.

Megatrend nr. 8: Security and Safety

From data security, via personal safety to overall security, it will become more and more important to clients. “Security and safety guarantee” might and should come from the whole community directly – each individual, firms and all institutions in charge are responsible and may create a pleasant and tolerant space, suitable for major international or global events.

This topic or megatrend is probably the most complex to handle, as we sometimes simply cannot do anything of a major influence. However, by providing excellence, good organization and contingency plans for ‘all situations’ together with our partners, it is the way how we organize business events.

These extensive and complex trends are important for all of us to understand – suppliers and buyers, so that we structure and execute sustainable programs, support tolerance and leave a beneficiary legacy for the hosting community and everyone involved.

Slaven Reljić

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U Zadru postoji više od onog očitog


In this article, we reveal the curious aspects of the emerging Croatian business destination – Zadar

Quintessentially naval, the Arsenal is the most inspiring historic venue in Zadar. Once a large port warehouse from the 16th century, the Arsenal was the centre of naval activity in Zadar and played an important role in the Venetian domination of the Adriatic. Today it is a multifunctional space of 1800m² in which the whole concept was implemented as an “indoor town square”.

If we had to choose one of many features of this place, it would be its exceptional capacity to transform. It can easily become industrial, urban-cool, meeting & conference or superfine gala. It is a place of numerous creative possibilities.

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For a typically warm Mediterranean city with loads of sunshine, Zadar has an impressive number of cools.

#cool No.1

Greeting to the Sun – cooling off from a warm day at sunset is much more fun with a banquet near a 22m wide circular installation near the sea. The circle collects solar energy during the day and produces incredible light shows when the sun finally sets down.



cool No.2

The Sea Organ – a unique architectural work in the historical Zadar, built in the underwater part of the quay. The waves pass through specially designed musical pipes beneath the sea surface and create real music. Just walking by, relaxing at the stairs or even cooling off in the sea, it’s better with the music on.

cool No.3 Ledana Bar

Ledana (eng. Icehouse) is a beautifully designed lounge bar in the oldest part of Zadar, with a large garden, historical background and modern architectural performance. It is built on the exact site of an icehouse from the 19th century. The ice was used for cooling beverages and making ice cream for local cafés. Ice blocks were luxury, sourced from nearby Mount Velebit which is a very cool place. In fact, it is a part of the Alps. Today, your cocktails are not cooled with ice blocks from the mountain, due to the fortunate invention of the 1970s ice cube machine. Cheers!



cool No.4 Christmas regatta

Just thinking about sailing at Christmas gives us instant chills! The sea cools off during winter months, so if your office team is very adventurous, you might consider trying out Santa challenge in a Dalmatian style.

cool No.5 Cerovac caves

Zadar lies beneath Mount Velebit, which is a typical seasonal mountain with rocks and green fields during summer and snow and ice during winter. People in Dalmatia live in synergy with the mountain, using it mainly for livestock farming and cooling off during hot summer days. Deep under the grounds of Mount Velebit is a 3 tier cave complex – the Cerovac caves.  Today the caves are open for public and curated by the National Park. The cave scenery is fairy tale like but the attention of a visitor may easily be grasped by many claw marks gorged into the cave walls. With temperatures between 5-11°C , long time ago it was a cave bear residence.  Feeling chills already?



You think romance has nothing to do with business? We will try to prove you wrong. How about falling in love with a place during a business incentive travel? Or finding inspirational love stories on a business event?


romantic No.1 EDITOR’S PICK

Galešnjak – a very special island in Zadar region. It is uninhabited and has no manmade structures. As it’s privately owned, permission has to be sought in order to access it by boat. The romantic appeal of this little heart shaped island boomed in 2009 when it was captured by Google Earth. Camping, picnic, pebble beaches, daydreaming, emerald blue sea, paradise like atmosphere… not really corporate event values but hey, why not?

romantic No.2 The Sphinx

“2016 will be the year in which the forces of entrepreneurialism and feminism converge,” wrote Sallie Krawcheck, CEO of Ellevest and chairman of Ellevate. “Together, they will drive a long-wave, golden age of female entrepreneurship, which will be positive for all of us: positive and empowering for the women who make the leap, good for the economy, good for consumers, and good for society.”
Arguably, the power of women was always a strong driving force, whether in business or society. Or in a backyard.  It is not in Egypt and it is a real Sphinx. Created in the early 20th century and placed in the home garden as homage to – a woman. Today it serves not only as a monument of passion and art, but also as an awe inspiring site of Zadar city.



romantic No.3 Kornati archipelago

it is literally impossible not to fall in love with this place. The legend says this huge maze of sea passages, islands and islets was created from a hand full of white stones left behind when God created the world. He tossed them into the sea and decided to change nothing – they were perfect.
Trust us, they are. A rare kind of perfection that can evoke strong emotions. Having an emotional drive can be very powerful in business performance. Sailing along the shores of Kornati islands, enjoying fresh sea food, sipping local wine or admiring the striking view, Kornati Islands will seize a very special place in every heart and motivate people for a long, long time!

cool No.5 Cerovac caves

Zadar lies beneath Mount Velebit, which is a typical seasonal mountain with rocks and green fields during summer and snow and ice during winter. People in Dalmatia live in synergy with the mountain, using it mainly for livestock farming and cooling off during hot summer days. Deep under the grounds of Mount Velebit is a 3 tier cave complex – the Cerovac caves.  Today the caves are open for public and curated by the National Park. The cave scenery is fairy tale like but the attention of a visitor may easily be grasped by many claw marks gorged into the cave walls. With temperatures between 5-11°C , long time ago it was a cave bear residence.  Feeling chills already?


A Word from the Editor

“The bottom line is that diversity has always been a powerful force. You can rely on the magnificent diversity of Zadar as a business event destination.  Use the capacity of the destination to inspire people to sell, market, educate, train, communicate, collaborate, innovate, and much more.”

Stay tuned and follow more amazing stories @CORALgroup #BookCroatia 


Maša Grgurić


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