Strategy of DMCs as creative partners

The benefits of transforming forward-thinking DMCs from service providers into creative partners

strategija DMC-a kao kreativnih partnera

For the past few decades destination management companies (DMCs) relied heavily on their role of being service providers. In other words, DMCs’ scenario included everything – from organizing transportation to providing complete destination services, depending on client’s wishes. DMC was usually seen as the middleman, a company which would fulfill client’s demands.

Today it is no longer enough. In order to evolve on the market, forward-thinking DMCs are changing their business strategy.

Besides excellent organizational skills, the company nowadays has to offer creative value. It has to offer an idea. A tailor-made idea to be precise.

This process of focusing on the client is called the client centric approach. The whole program is organized according to client’s needs, and the DMC takes over the role of a creative partner whose task is to develop a personalized and unique concept of experience.

The challenge lies in understanding destination’s capacities in a creative way in order to create a unique experience. Only DMCs consisting of multidisciplinary teams, along with forward thinking and creative and innovative ideas can deliver high-quality creative value.

These types of DMCs, which function not just as the middleman, but as creative partners, offer a high level of credibility.

By establishing a more personal connection with the client they can provide better solutions and ensure the needed ROI. DMCs based on such business vision are not looking for business opportunities. They are looking for challenges.

You cannot make someone to become creative. You can only inspire a person. Creativity cannot be learned from books nor is it a character feature. The approach used by creative partners has a significantly higher value for client since it gives an impact, unlike the role of a middleman, which requires entirely different challenges – organization, speed, agility, flexibility etc.

The goal of DMCs is not to exclude, but to combine these two together – creative leadership and operational excellence are the most important assets when it comes to modern business strategies in this field of business events.

And we are confident that this is the core of what we are – a boutique DMC and PCO with an innovative and client centric approach, ready for new challenges and incentive ideas.

With every project we discover new creative ways of developing destination capacities into advanced experiences, so feel free to join us in creating a unique creative partnership. Explore our webpage for more information or leave a comment below. We’ll be happy to hear from you.

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