Dust, mud & salt. Off-road driving to the fullest!

Prašina, mulj i sol. Terenska vožnja do kraja

Another site inspection included an activity full of fun and adrenaline – buggy safari around Zadar region, which deserved to be placed at the very top of the motivational scale.

Although there are lots of sailing and yachting programs around Zadar, this buggy experience in the immediate vicinity of the town of Zadar was a great adventure. Full of adrenaline rush and panoramic views it is one of the most exciting programs in the region.

You’ll grab the wheels of 600ccm 4T single-cylinder buggies, which have more than enough power to overcome difficult terrain and obstacles along the way. It is a self driven guided tour. It becomes quite fast, but it is completely safe for all responsible drivers who just have to follow the safety and basic driving instructions. The route is mainly off-road and passes through numerous natural beauties and picturesque villages.

The basic tour lasts approx. 2,5 hours and offers a chance to experience off-road driving to the fullest: dust, mud (depending on weather conditions), water, forest and gravel…  During the program you’ll visit the attractive surroundings of Zadar and experience it in a unique way. “Hidden” places like forests near Kožino village, beautiful views over the Punta Skala vineyards (no stop for wine tasting this time, for obvious reasons!:), ex military base with the airport – yes, drive and a short break is made on the real runway, which you have probably never had a chance to do.

We continued along the beach of Zaton resort, coming to Nin – Sabunike region, from where you have spectacular views on the Velebit mountain (highest peak 1,757m), but also onto Nin – the oldest Croatian royal town and its famous “Queen’s beach” with the mud of Nin, known for its therapeutic effects.



The route passes near the beaches, through the fields to another natural phenomenon of Nin – the salt pan. The prosperity of this region was based on the production of salt in prehistoric and ancient times. This region still lives from this very precious gift of nature.  It is not surprising that Nin salt, with a high percentage of iodine, is among the best in Europe, and in the world. Indeed, this is not an ordinary sea salt – it is a gift of the local climate, an ideal blend of the Adriatic Sea and sun with the wind coming from the mountain of Velebit.

The increased concentration of natural iodine, due to the alga called petula, is added, so nature has created a salt which not only improves the taste of food, but is also extremely healthy. A special gift – a souvenir bag with the salt from Nin – can be a perfect pillow gift after buggy safari tour.

The buggy safari program can be tailor-made, organized also in the above mentioned Velebit mountain region, as well as on the beautiful islands of Ugljan and Pašman in Zadar archipelago (with a budget supplement, by all means).

Different “surprise break points” can be organized, such as a visit to a tavern, additional activities in the adrenaline park, longer stay in Buffalo Bill western city etc. Zadar as a business events destination has it all and much more to offer.


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